Mario Crosta's history is characterized by a continuos machinery developement programme which has contributed to the evolution of machinery in the world textile machinery industry...
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Seam jumper:
The first in the world
  • Seams of any kind are protected against damages by this patented device which can be installed on Mario Crosta drum raising (napping) and sueding machines.

  • The Seam Jumper works in combination with two other patented devices; the cleaning brush (fancies) disengaging system which rapidly separates the brushes from the worker rolls, and, the suction pan opening system that conveniently exposes the cleaning brushes and the worker rolls under the machine.

  • These two devices, which are also available independently from the Seam Jumper, are very important for accessible and safe cleaning and maintenance of the machine, the raising wire and the brushing (fancy) wire.

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